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عنوان نویسنده کلیک ها
Exploring relationship between spiritual beliefs and personality characteristics of nurses in Tehran نوشته شده توسط khaledian 191
Efficacy of metacognitive group therapy in perfectionist adolescents with fear of negative evaluation نوشته شده توسط khaledian 167
Investigating the relationship between personality characteristics and thinking styles with family-work facilitation and conflict in high school teachers نوشته شده توسط khaledian 140
Effectiveness of metacognitive strategies training on cognitive flexibility and creative problem solution in students نوشته شده توسط khaledian 138
Investigating relationship between bilingualism with self-confidence and academic motivation among first grade primary students in the city of Marivan, educational year of 2013-2014 نوشته شده توسط khaledian 183
Efficacy of logo therapy in reduction of students' aggression نوشته شده توسط khaledian 211
Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral stress management on the level of resiliency and satisfaction of female primary school teachers in the city of Marvdasht نوشته شده توسط khaledian 184
Effectiveness of problem solving skills training on the promotion of psychological capital in general, and its components (self-efficacy, hopefulness, resilience and optimism) on girl-students residing in the dormitory of Khajehnasir Industrial University نوشته شده توسط khaledian 172
On the comparison of attachment styles among people with borderline personality, antisocial disorders and healthy people without personality disorders نوشته شده توسط khaledian 177
Prediction of Sleep Quality Based on Emotional regulation and Job Satisfaction of Iran Normal Gas Company نوشته شده توسط khaledian 212

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