ISSN :2383-3394

The effectiveness of training life skills on psychological capital of students

Writers :Malihe Talebi Amrei1,*, Ali Farahani2

The current research was conducted with the aim of the effectiveness of training life skills on the students’ psychological capital. The research population includes all the PNU students, Karaj branch who were studying in the educational year of 2013-2014. In this research 15 students were selected through random sampling method available as the research sample volume that participated in the educational workshop of life skill and 15 more students were selected as the control group. The method applied in this research is semi empirical with two groups of experimental and control. The experimental group was placed under 8, 120 minute sessions of training life skills. To collect data the psychological capital questionnaire (PCQ) was used. To analyze data, the descriptive statistics (average, standard deviation,…) as well as inferential statistics (covariance analysis) were applied. Results indicated that the average psychological capital scores in the experimental group's posttest are higher than that of the posttest in the control group. It is, thus, concluded that training life skills is influential in promoting the psychological capital of the students.

Keywords: Training life skills, psychological capital, PC

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